’80s Throwback for Blue Mountain’s 80th

For Blue’s 80th anniversary, ML presents a deep-’80s photo showcase.

If there’s one thing Blue Mountain Resort has learned over the course of 79 winters, it’s that outside is where the action is. We agree wholeheartedly.


Somebody bought new ski suits… Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


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Their 80th winter may be interrupted by the Ontario stay-at-home order, but with safety protocols well in place and snowmaking going full-tilt, Blue will be ready for more downhill action soon. (As of writing, the earliest scheduled opening date is February 10.) In the meantime, click here to see what you can do at Blue.

And while you’re waiting, have a look back at some photographic memories of a more carefree decade. Colour-coordination might’ve been lacking in these ’80s shots, but high spirits were not!


Magenta ‘n mustard on moguls. Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


High spirits on staff teambuilding day. Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


Blue on Blue. Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


Demoing the latest Oakleys. Photo: Blue Mountain Resort



Demoing the latest… does anyone recall this ’80s (or early ’90s) sunglass brand? We’re not sure… Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


The old “lean against skis together in the summit sunshine” ’80s pose. Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


Those were the days—when a pass got you access to Blue and The Peaks… Photo: Blue Mountain Resort


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