Wildhorn Snow Helmet and Goggles: Better for Less

Founded in Utah in 2015, Wildhorn is part of a promising new era of outdoor companies. Their gear is affordable and their business model promotes sustainability. Through their conservation grant, the Reef2Leaf Program, Wildhorn supports many initiatives including the Coral Restoration Foundation.


The Drift Snow Helmet with the Roca Goggle. Photo: Mountain Life


Their highly rated Drift Snow Helmet is an official pick of the US Ski and Snowboard teams and is worn and endorsed by Olympian and World Champion Aerials skier Ashley Caldwell.

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The Drift, available in a variety of colours, features high-grade lightweight protection and comfort. Wildhorn’s VNT ventilation system gives you complete airflow and temperature control. And for those about to rock, it’s also audio-ready.

NO MORE SWEAT-HEAD – Drift ski helmets feature VNT technology—a patented adjustable temperature control ventilation system. It uses a combination of both direct and indirect airflow and fully adaptable vents to provide temperature climate control for your noggin. Simply slide the vents open to cool off and slide them close when you get chilly.

COMFORT – You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable snowboard helmet. The ultra-plush interior liner provides maximum comfort and insulation. The earpads are audio compatible (the Wildhorn Alta Bluetooth helmet-compatible earphones) and can also be removed for warmer spring days. The Drift also features FTA (Fine Tune Adjustment) system that offers micro-adjustments for the perfect fit.


Photo: Wildhorn


LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION – Weighing in at under 18 ounces, the Drift is on average 25% lighter than competing products. It is made using advanced manufacturing techniques with composite foam technology. The result is one of the highest performance, lightest-weight helmets on the market. And it meets ASTM F2040 standards.

SLEEK DESIGN – Most ski and snowboard helmets are bulky, heavy and uncomfortable. Wildhorn meticulously designed Drift helmets to offer the best ergonomic fit and protection on the market so you’ll shred the slopes in comfort and style rather than looking like a dashboard bobble head. The Drift offers unparalleled performance, safety, comfort and style for all levels of shredder.

PAIR WITH: the Roca Goggle

Wildhorn’s Roca Goggle is durable and comfortable and comes in a recyclable paper bag. It features an interchangeable magnetic lens frame plus Wildhorn’s Aurora lens technology for undistorted, maximum visibility and UV protection.


Goggles in a paper bag! The Roca, unbagged. Photo: Mountain Life



Wildhorn: A New Model for Outdoor Gear