Red Paddle Co: New 2021 Paddleboards

The new Red paddleboards have landed. We tried one, and we’re happy to report that the best inflatables on earth are now even better.

The stand-out update to the 2021 range is the revolutionary V-Hull on the Voyager boards. By tapering the cut of the board’s core material, this new shape breaks the surface tension of the water, making it easier and faster to paddle.


The updated 13’2″: note the slight concavity in the top deck (due to the new V-Hull). And the new flat bungees. Photo: Red Paddle Co


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The V-hull helps you paddle for longer with less effort and with more rhythm and comfort. For naysayers who think an inflatable can never be as fast as a hardshell—you need to try the 13’2″ Voyager. We tried it on Ontario lakes and rivers this fall and it flies.


Exploring the ponds of Torrance Barrens Dark Sky Preserve on the new 13’2″. Photo: Mountain Life


Portaging the 13’2″, Torrance Barrens, Muskoka, Ontario. Note the new V-Hull. Photo: Mountain Life


Another bonus of the V-Hull is that the concave nose of the upper deck creates more space under the bungees for all your gear.

The Voyager 13’2″

Overall, the increased length and thickness of the Voyager 13’2″ make it an ideal board for longer outings and for taller, larger paddlers. The extra length also means it can easily handle a child or dog on the front while you paddle, and you can use the extensive cargo areas for camping gear. You’ll feel extra confident paddling out on this board, knowing that it offers more stability in all conditions.


The new double fin of the 13’2″. Photo: Red Paddle Co


More Updates

Red’s entire 2021 range is filled with more tech updates, including a Speed Tail design in the Sport paddleboards, the new twin fin system in the Voyagers, and a Flat Bungee Cargo System across the collection. (The self-closing, flat bungee straps are now wider, creating more tension to keep all your gear on your board.)

In addition, the already awesome Titan pump has been reimagined and re-engineered. It is 30% smaller in its packed size with improved fixtures and fittings to make it even more durable. The Titan II is designed to cut the amount of time and effort it takes to inflate your board by half. Red is confident that there’s nothing like the Titan II pump on the market. And there isn’t.

We found the twin fin system a big plus. By having two shorter fins rather than one longer fin, you’ll be able to get you paddleboard into much shallower waters, opening up a wider variety of waterways. Another benefit is that you can load your board with all of your gear and it will remain super stable. It won’t rock from side to side as you would find with one fin. on rivers where we were in shallower water.


Demoing the 13’2″ paddleboard on a river: the new twin fin system means less fin-drag in shallow water. Photo: Mountain Life


Check all the new range details here.


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