Outside the Box: RUX Crowdfunds a New Gear Storage System

Meet RUX: the highly adaptable, all-in-one solution for storing/transporting/organizing your stuff.

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The age-old outdoor enthusiast’s dilemma: having all the gear is awesome, organizing and transporting
all the gear—not so much.


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Photo: Julian Kenchenten/RUX


“It started with a problem I think we all have,” says Jamie Bond, outdoor media pioneer and
admitted gear junkie. “We spend our lives amassing this incredible assortment of gear and toys so we
can go play outside, but then spend way too much time each weekend packing, unpacking, and
organizing gear from a box to a duffel bag to the truck to a backpack and then we do it all over again in
reverse at the end of the adventure.”



Faced with this exact problem, tech entrepreneur-turned-ski-bum (Doglotion.com, HandleBar) André
Charland basically snapped one Sunday evening, reportedly shouting, stomping his feet, and unleashing
a three-plus minute rant about how dealing with his outdoor gear was eating into his ability to actually enjoy it.


Video courtesy RUX


Never one to rest on his laurels after a good tantrum, André called up Tony Richardson, an industrial
designer friend with deep roots in outdoor recreation design (Arc’teryx, Squamish Design Studio) with
the idea to create “some kind of bag/box/container thing that is good at carrying/storing/road tripping
and also useful once you get to your actual destination.”


Photo: Julian Kenchenten/RUX


Tony laughed, admitted that he’d been considering the exact same problem for a long time, and RUX
was officially born.

“We looked at how the intermodal shipping container revolutionized industrial transport,” says Jamie
Bond, who joined Andre and Tony as the third leg in the RUX tripod. “Those shipping containers are the
best system for storing goods, but they’re also perfect for transporting them across the sea or land. We
wanted something that could be just as versatile and useful for our gear.”


“We looked at how the intermodal shipping container revolutionized industrial transport…”


Photo: Julian Kenchenten/RUX


What they came up with was RUX, a gear storage system that’s kind of like a bag (it has handles) and
kind of like a box (it has a lid and square walls) but is also weatherproof, compressible, and highly
adaptable to suit any specific needs. “We wanted it to do everything, to design an entire system of gear
handling awesomeness.”

Check these specs: the RUX is 40cm wide, 50cm long, 35cm deep and holds 70 litres of volume. It also
flattens to a depth of 8cm and weighs in at about 2kg. That already sounds better than those blue plastic
bins and duffels in my garage, but the magic of RUX is in the details.


Photo: Julian Kenchenten/RUX


“We wanted a utility rail on each side that can attach and detach,” Jamie explains, “So you can use the
straps in any configuration or detach them entirely. There’s also an attachment you slide onto the rail so
the RUX can hang on a slat wall in your garage or van, and we’re working on a huge list of other
attachments. It holds water if you need to put out a campfire or store wetsuits, and the lid is waterproof
compressed semi-rigid foam, perfect for a seat or foot mat on snow or sand. It pops up firm so it’s so
much easier to pack than cramming stuff into a duffel, on the inside, there are little rails that you can
rest divider bags on for easier grab and go, and we designed a removable carry pouch you can put
valuables in and quickly grab if you don’t want to leave them in the vehicle.”


“It holds water if you need to put out a campfire or store wetsuits, and the lid is waterproof compressed semi-rigid foam, perfect for a seat or foot mat on snow or sand.”


And most importantly, no zippers. “Tony hates zippers,” Jamie explains, “because they break. We
wanted something that is simple, long-lasting, and field repairable. You can take the entire RUX apart
with an allen key, so if something does get damaged, you don’t need to throw out the entire system.
That really helps lower the environmental footprint.”


Photo: Julian Kenchenten/RUX


After almost two years of rigorous testing, failing fast and redesigning on the fly, the RUX crew are
launching their flagship intermodal storage system with a crowdfunding campaign that kicks off today.
At the time of writing they’re already over 900% funded. Seems like they are onto something here.
“We’ve had a bunch of talented friends help with the testing,” Jamie says. “Of course, local suspects like Hoji [design genius Eric Hjorleifson], rock climbers, mountain bikers, and more importantly some great
field testers in the mountain construction and rope access industry. Those guys know how put things to
the test!”

If necessity is the mother of invention, the crew at RUX may have just necessitated us all a bunch of free
time and space. Less packing/unpacking, more ripping. Check out the RUX campaign and see for


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