Flood Your Trail: BioLite’s New Pro-Level Headlamp

BioLite‘s first pro-level headlamp is chock-full of features to supercharge your lighting game. The HeadLamp 750 puts you in complete control of your illumination thanks to niche features including Constant Mode, Run Forever pass-thru charging, and eight (eight!) different lighting modes.

Photo: BioLite

This lamp is for those who need extra illumination and performance. I.e., bikepackers, through-climbers, endurance athletes heading out on overnights. You don’t necessarily need a headlamp this powerful if you’re just weekend-camping on your favourite lake. But on the other hand, it’s so streamlined and light that why wouldn’t you want to pack it? For all its raw power (for example, its beam distance is 100 metres) it weighs just 150 grams.


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A bit of explanation about the Constant Mode: Most headlamps auto-regulate brightness to conserve battery life, dimming over time. This works out efficiently in many cases, but shouldn’t be the only mode available for dealing with technical terrain or deep darkness. Constant Mode puts you in complete control of your lumens, enabling you to set a steady level of brightness that will not dim (unless you tell it to).


Photo: BioLite


The Run Forever feature also needs a bit of explanation. As a USB-rechargeable headlamp, you can extend Headlamp 750 runtimes indefinitely thanks to “pass-through” charging.  This means that unlike most rechargeable lamps, you can use it while simultaneously powering it up: the included 90 cm Run Forever cable enables you to connect to an external compact powerbank in your vest or pack. So when you’re doing a lot of night work, you don’t have to worry about losing your light mid-mission.

Photo: BioLite

Another pro feature worth noting is the tail light mode so you can illuminate the back of your head if you’re the lead in a group, or road-biking/running at night.

This headlamp has a lot of features and you’ll want to review the available videos/manuals before use.


Constant lighting mode delivers regulated brightness 2 hours in high (500 lumens), 4 hours in medium (250 lumens) and 150 hours in low (5 lumens).
All modes are dimmable.
Reserve mode gives you 8-lus hours at 5 lumens.
Red flood light for stealth operations.
Rear-facing red lights for biking at night or road-running.
Manually tilting head aims the light.
2-button controls for easy use even with gloves.
Burst button of a blinding 750 lumens for spotlighting.
Very handy lock-out mode prevents accidental activation in your pack.
IPX6 waterproofing handles rain or leaky kayak hatches.
Operational temp range: 45º to -10º C.
Micro-USB to charge.
90 cm power cable (included) allows pass-through charging to charge a powerbank while running the light.
LED constant lighting and battery status indicators.

More details here. Watch the site for Black Friday/Cyber Monday Doorbuster and Flash sales.


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