The Healing Power of Bikepacking

New film on first-time bikepacking mission through Oregon’s remotest backcountry.

Remember going camping for the first time? O.K., great. Now, do you remember going mountain biking for the first time? Good. Now, imagine that your first time camping was also your first backcountry ride on a bike.


Bikepacking the Oregon backcountry. Photo: still from “Pedal Through”


Now you’re ready to begin to understand Analise Cleopatra’s tall order. Born and raised in Miami, Cleopatra moved to Portland, Oregon with no experience in the outdoors. Then she decided to dive into one of the most strenuous and technical forms of backcountry travel—bikepacking.

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Accompanied by a friend DeJuanae Toliver and pro biker and artist Brooklyn Bell, she takes on a bikepacking mission deep into the wild and unpredictable Oregon backcountry. In Pedal Through she shares her discovery of self and healing in the outdoors.

Check the film from REI on the trials and triumphs of Cleopatra’s first connection to the natural world as she experiences fear, camaraderie, beauty and much more. Here’s the short edit:

And below is the long edit followed by a panel discussion where the Pedal Through cast and crew discuss the film and share their perspectives on gender and racial representation in film and action sports including mountain biking and bikepacking. Panelists include: Analise Cleopatra, film co-director and talent in film; DeJuanae Toliver, talent in film; Brooklyn Bell; talent in film; Aly Nicklas, film co-director; Alisa Geiser, filmmaker; Faith Briggs, moderator.