New Goggles and Sunglasses from Dragon Alliance

The next iteration of Dragon‘s Swiftlock Lens Technology is here. The new RVX OTG goggle features a one-sided lever to release the lens instantly, providing a faster and more secure way to change lenses when conditions change. With engineering improvements over the first generation, Swiftlock 2.0 allows for the RVX OTG to be Over-the-Glasses compatible.


RVX OTG with Green Ion lens. Photo: Dragon Alliance


The RVX OTG goggle is another in Dragon’s long line of technically innovative products that push the envelope in design direction. Add in the expansive Lumalens Color Optimized technology, Dragon’s Patented Frameless Design, and you’ve got a goggle you can trust and rely on in any conditions.

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We tried out the RVX OTG with a Green Ion sunny-day lens and an Amber cloudy-day (or night-skiing) lens.  Looking through the Green Ion on a bright day you see loads of definition that glare would otherwise wipe out. Your landscape is transformed and all kinds of features materialize. And on a dull day, the Amber lens fills in a lot of detail where there used to be just a grey featureless wash. You feel safer on the mountain in both cases. And as a wearer of eyeglasses, I found the Over-the-Glasses compatibility to be a major plus on days when I’m not wearing contact lenses. The goggle holds my glasses well in place and provides enough ventilation that fogging isn’t a problem unless I’m hiking really hard. Plus the goggle lens itself boasts an anti-fog coating that actually works.

And the lens-changing system (controlled by a subtle, inset Swiftlock lever under your right eye) is truly useable by gloved or cold fingers.

RVX OTG with Violet lens. Photo: Dragon Alliance


Swiftlock 2.0 Lens Changing System
Premium Injection Molded Cylindrical Lens
Lumalens Color Optimization
100% UV Protection
Armored Venting
OTG (over the glass) Compatibility
Patented Frameless Technology
Bonus Lens Included
Super Anti-Fog Coating
Triple Layer Face Foam w/ Hypoallergenic Micro Fleece Lining
Silicone Strap Backing.

Also New from Dragon Alliance:

The Cove LL Ion is part of  Dragon’s new Upcycled Collection, where style meets sustainability. Each frame is made from five recycled plastic water bottles. This sunglass offers 100-percent UV protection and features a classic-contemporary silhouette.

The Cove. Photo: Dragon Alliance

For its Upcycled Collection, Dragon manually separates, washes and cuts each plastic bottle into usable chips. They then press the chips into pellets, melt them down and mold them into frames. For every Upcycled frame made, that’s five fewer bottles that make it into a landfill or end up in our waterways.

In addition to the Upcycled Collection, Dragon makes the majority of its sunglasses with plant-based resin. This natural bio-based plastic is a smarter and much cleaner alternative to standard petroleum-based plastics. The material comes from castor bean oil, a renewable resource that is pressed, melted and injected into the sunglass frames.

Dragon is also a partner with the Surfrider Foundation, working on clean water initiatives through the Blue Water Task Force.

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