Would you run and ride 7200 kilometers on a plant-based diet?

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Nicolette Richer would. But she’s not just going to run across Canada. Richer, the Whistler-based founder and CEO of all-vegan Green Moustache Cafés and Richer Health, is also the brainchild of 22 MILLION STRONG, the run/ride to reverse 22 million cases of chronic food, by spreading her mission: that food is medicine and medicine is food, and that our diet not only prevents disease, but also reverses chronic illness.

“Chronic degenerative diseases do not have to be a life sentence,’ says Richer, a Regenerative Medicine Educator with over 15 years’ experience helping people arrest and reverse disease through organic, plant based, whole food nutrition. “They can be reversed, and people can overcome their illnesses, get off their meds, reclaim their lives, and realize their innate human potential that they were born with.”

Starting on June 1, 2021 Nicolette will run/ride from Tofino, BC Canada, to St Johns, NS, Canada — a total of 7120 kms., and she’ll be doing the entire tour on a plant-based, whole-food eating plan.

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“What science has been telling us for over 200 years, and studies continue to confirm, is that food is medicine and can be used to regenerate our bodies back to optimal health. With up to 60% of North Americans now diagnosed with a minimum of one preventable and reversible chronic illness, including young children, it is urgent we come back to our roots – to pre-settler whole- food as our foundation, and food as our medicine.”

For the last 12 years, Nicolette has been educating and consulting thousands of individuals struggling with life threatening diagnoses such as infertility, depression, anxiety, heart disease, diabetes, autoimmune disorders, and cancer. The results her clients experience are lifesaving. Through her work in metabolic nutritional consulting, The Green Moustache Cafés were born — a chain of 100% organic, unrefined, plant based, whole-food restaurants that serve nutritious food that heals the body.

“With the plant-based movement growing and conflicting knowledge around food and nutrition increasing, we need to go back to getting face-to-face with people, to meet people and communities where they are, and to finally merge traditional ways of knowing with evidence-based medicine, and understand and overcome barriers to eating well so we can all finally realize what truly constitutes a healthy lifestyle,” says Richer.

Nicolette’s efforts to educate 22 million people on the benefits of a plant-based, traditional, unprocessed, organic diet can’t take effect unless parents, employers, politicians, and youth band together and start demanding that we collectively adopt the evidence-based studies that match thousands of years of traditional knowledge on nutritional lifestyle that keep people disease-free.

“This is not just about preventing disease, it’s about using proper nutrition to also reverse disease.”

Join Nicolette today as she raises funds for 22 MILLION STRONG and help make a difference. By supporting this cause, you will directly enable Nicolette and her team to host circle gatherings and do research in established and remote communities across Canada.

To learn more about this life changing movement, go to www.richerhealth.ca.
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