The Most Sustainable Sunglasses?

With a plastic pollution crisis in full swing the world over, we should as consumers consider sustainable solutions with every purchase. Most of us consume and discard plastic every day. We may try to recycle it by placing it in municipal recycling programs, but by now we should realize that this system is chronically overwhelmed by sheer volume.

So what can you do? You can start by supporting companies who are striving to make a difference. Take Smith: their Lowdown 2 CORE, new this year, boasts the familiar styling and features of their top-selling frame but with a key difference.


Smith sunglasses reviewed by Mountain Life media
These shades hold the key to the plastic pollution crisis. Photo: Mountain Life Media


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Each Lowdown 2 CORE frame is made entirely from five recycled plastic bottles—aside from the stainless steel barrel hinges. And the polarized lenses are Smith’s castor-oil based Evolve material. The durable and lightweight frame features embossed logo detailing, eliminating the use of adhesives. Each pair comes with a microfiber bag also made from recycled plastic bottles, and boxed in 100% recycled packaging. Clearly, this is eyewear you can feel good about.

More about the CORE Collection and Smith’s sustainable initiatives here.


Smith sunglasses reviewed by Mountain Life media
Frame: recycled post-consumer plastic. Lens: castor-oil based. Packaging: recycled, too. Photo: Mountain Life Media


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