Made in Canada: The New Alpha SV Jacket by Arc’teryx

The newly revised Alpha SV from Arc’teryx is their most fully-featured alpine jacket. And it’s made in Canada at Arc’One, their manufacturing facility in New Westminster, B.C.

So how many made-in-Canada jackets have you worn lately?

ARC'One, the Canadian manufacturing facility of Arc'teryx
ARC’One, the Canadian manufacturing facility of Arc’teryx.

To give you an idea of the painstaking craftmanship happening here, chew on this. It takes 198 operations at 28 different work stations including 1,550 stitches alone to build the “bird/word” logo.

“We’ve made the Alpha SV since 1998, so we have over 20 years of knowledge and consistent improvements to its construction, fit, materials, and the feature set,” says Greg Grenzke, Arc’teryx Design Director.

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Just one of those improvements is a new iteration of waterproof, windproof, breathable GORE-TEX PRO with Most Rugged Technology. This is the most durable GORE-TEX ever.

The men’s Alpha SV, Soulsonic colourway. Photo: Arc’teryx


The Evolution of Durable

Plus, the Alpha SV Jacket’s N100p-X face fabric is Arc’teryx’s most durable outer face fabric. If you’re comparing the new Alpha SV to the original Alpha SV here are some differences.

    • The original SV was over 700g and the new version is now around 400g. Clearly, Arc’teryx has streamlined and refined every aspect of this jacket. It is lighter, utilizes more durable textiles, and is more breathable.
    • All of the pocket zippers and pit zips are now laminated rather than sewed in.
    • In addition, the fit is now trimmer and longer. This is in line with the evolution of the layering system approach.
Arc'teryx Alpha SV jacket winter hood
Women’s Alpha SV. Photo: Arc’teryx

In any case, this jacket feels seriously lightweight and durable. You could run the gauntlet of schnarb in the tightest glades and emerge scratch- and tear-free. If you want to shred with confidence, without distractions, this is your jacket.

Check the full features for the men’s and women’s versions.

More from Greg Grenzke, Arc’teryx Design Director:

ML: So who should wear the Alpha SV Jacket?

GG: Its purpose has always been to create the most durable solution for climbers and alpinists in harsh environments. Climbers who go on extended expeditions where product failure can become fatal need something they can rely on, and the Alpha SV is a go-to piece for this reason. We also see it adopted by guides, search & rescue teams, skiers/snowboarders, and other demanding users who know they can depend on the SV in high-commitment situations. And some people just appreciate it for the quality and craftsmanship…even Prince Harry has been seen wearing the Alpha SV!

Arc'teryx Alpha SV jacket chest pocket detail review
Photo: Arc’teryx

ML: And we heard the new SV is greener. How so?

GG: We did a lifecycle analysis on a previous generation Alpha SV jacket to see where we could reduce its environmental impact. Two areas we need to focus on most are raw material use and product lifetime.

Looking for a more durable solution for the fabric, we challenged Gore, who included us in the R&D process of the membrane development. The result is something we’re really excited about—the new Gore-Tex Pro Rugged. It also uses a dope dyed backer, which has a lower environmental impact. Additionally, we’ve eliminated materials that weren’t absolutely necessary such as the 40d Gore-Tex previously used in the hood facing/chest pleats. And we removed the internal anti-contamination layer of pocket bag in the back of the hood, as the new Gore-Tex Pro Rugged solves this. We now have a Recco reflector in the SV’s hood. Although not directly related to the environmental impact of the jacket, making the user more searchable reduces search-and-rescue efforts and their environmental impact.


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