Get Rid of Your Gaiter: Top Five Facemasks From Outdoor Brands

words :: Ben Osborne 

If you’ve been reading the news, you’re well aware that this whole COVID-19 global pandemic isn’t going away any time soon. You’re also probably aware of one thing that helps fight the spread: facemasks.

If you’re thinking you can simply use your neck gaiter as a facemask, think again— a recent study from Duke University actually proved they can be MORE harmful.

There’s a lot of options out there on facemasks but if we’re going to wear a facemask (which we are), there are a few things to look for. We want it to be protective and comfortable, first and foremost. But with plenty of options out there we also want it to support something we believe in. So, we’ve put together a list of the top five facemasks from outdoor brands we believe in. Check out the list, get yourself a mask, and let’s all work together to stop the spread.

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Skida ($22)

Based out of Burlington, Vermont, Skida Headwear arrived on the headwear scene just a few years ago and has truly changed the game with their thin, fleece-lined hats with floral prints, and now their bringing their fun and functional design to the facemask world. Head over to their site to pick one up.

Trew Gear ($21)

Based out of Colorado, Trew Gear has always made under-the-radar quality outerwear, so we’re not surprised at the ergonomic and stylish look of their facemasks. The masks come in fern (above) or a ‘paprika’ colourway. The best part? 50% of proceeds go to a good cause—the Oregon Community Fund. Find them here.

Cotopaxi ($13)

Worried about losing your facemask? Fair enough, us too. A bit lower in price, Cotopaxi offers a solid high-visibility option with their Teca Cotton Face Mask made of unused fibres from their line of outerwear and backpacks. Pick up one for yourself, and a backup.

Buff ($40)

Don’t let the price point scare you away, there’s a reason that these things cost more—performance. The facemasks are lightweight and even come with a filter system, adding a level of security for you and the world around you. You might look like a transformer, but they will definitely do the trick. Get one here.

La Sportiva ($19)

Our final facemask comes from a brand known for their technical prowess int the world of outdoor gear, and this facemask is no different. Ergonomic, sustainably made, washable, comfortable, and built with an interchangeable filter. This one’s a keeper, get it now.