Find Out What Native Land You’re On With This App

It’s important to know the history of the ground you’re standing on. And if you live in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia, or the United States, believe it or not—there’s an app for that.

The Native Land App, a Canadian not-for-profit organization has one overarching goal: help right the wrongs of injustice experienced by indigenous people of North America.

One way to do that? Educate people about whose traditional land they are standing on. The site was built by a man named Victor Temprano, a self-described ‘settler’ of Canada.

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“The site wasn’t built so Indigenous people know their territories better — they know them plenty well,” says Temprano.

There are people who have inhabited the land you’re on for thousands of years, and it’s time for all of us to recognize and acknowledge that to the very best of our ability.

All you need to do is enter in a zip or postal code, and you get a rough outline of the traditional land you are standing on. Pretty cool, huh?

As we work towards reconciliation, acknowledgements like this are a huge step in understanding the history of the land, and how we can move forward in a healthy and collaborative fashion. Visit the website and make sure to check whose land you’re standing on whenever you get the chance. —ML