Dream Collaboration: Mons Royale Teams Up With Squamish-Based Alice & Brohm

Adventure first, then ice cream.

words :: Ben Osborne // photos :: Mirae Campbell.

If it wasn’t already official, Mons Royale and Alice & Brohm have made it so: ice cream is to biking as hot chocolate is to skiing and snowboarding.

After a long pedal on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than diving face-first into a tall cone,  and now we have a t-shirt to commemorate it. The best part? Buy the shirt, and you’re supporting local trails, a local artist, and you’re getting a shirt that’s meant to last.

Started from a boler.

Based out of New Zealand, Mons Royale has been making waves in British Columbia, with every day seemingly more riders popping up on the trails and the apres-bike spots kitted out in the versatile merino gear.

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So, in the spirit of pairing strength with strength, the brand has teamed up with Alice & Brohm, a local Squamish ice cream shop that has quickly gained cult-status in the Sea to Sky Corridor for its New Zealand-style fruit-based ice cream.

Started by two Squamish locals, Matt Harris and Katie Youwe, the story begins with Matt’s love for two things that the collaboration encapsulates: riding bikes, and ice cream.

Art by Dominik Kalita, merino by Mons Royale.

After spending his childhood capping off each ride with a cone from one of New Zealand’s signature real fruit ice cream stands, Matt made his way to Canada where he eventually met his co-conspirator and future wife, Katie Youwe. After plenty of adventures together based out of Squamish, the two realized something was missing: ending those adventures with the frozen treat that played a large part in defining his childhood.

So, the two set out to make it on their own. After starting their business out of a 1972 Boler and getting plenty of community support, the two moved into a storefront in 2017.

Meant for before, during, and after riding, Mons Royale makes pieces that last, and look good.

After a few short years, the humble storefront has made an indelible mark on the Sea To Sky community (i.e. handing out cone after cone), prompting Mons Royale, another brand with New Zealand Roots to approach the duo about collaborating to make a one of a kind riding t-shirt with their signature merino wool blend. 

Adding local artist Dominik Kalita to the mix, the team was in place—all that was left was to execute.

“We’re two kiwi brands with proud NZ roots. Connection with the community and the outdoors is at the heart of what we both do.”, said Tom Brownlee, Sales and Business Development Manager for Mons Royale.

“With everything happening with Covid-19 funding for local trail associations was low. We wanted to come up with a creative way to support SORCA and the Squamish community that’s built around them.”

The final product features an epic illustration by Dominik, and a cone to commemorate the sweet treat that started it all. Like all of Mons Royale’s gear, the shirt is made to stand the test of time.

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The best part? 25% of all proceeds go to funding the local trail network in Squamish, BC. To get yourself a shirt, head over to the Mons Royale page. —ML