The World’s Tallest Climbing Wall Can Be Found On the Side of a Power Plant

Yep, you heard that right. Climbing wall manufacturer Walltopia has designed the world’s tallest and highest climbing wall in Copenhagen, Denmark, and it’s on the side of a powerplant. The wall is 80-metres high, and currently has five different routes with varying difficulty. The climb can be completed in four pitches, with each pitch ending on a ledge.

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“The wall design was a challenge as we were striving to find the right balance between appearance and functionality,” said Vasil Sharlanov, head of Walltopia. “The goal was to create an appearance matching the impressive building architecture while designing wall topology that offers supreme climbing experience.”

You never know where you’re gonna need a quickdraw.

The team at Walltopia appears to have done an admirable job in our amateur opinion, as the wall blends in quite well with the surrounding architecture. Let’s just say—next time we build a climbing wall on the wide of a powerplant, we know who we’re hiring. —ML