Want A New Pair Of Skis Every Year? Join RMU’s Seven 4 Society

There are two truths that we are absolutely sure of in this world. 1. Skiing is awesome, and 2. Skiing is expensive. Our friends at RMU are here to fix number two on the list, and we like the sound of what they’ve got going on. So, we sat down with self-proclaimed ‘design guy’ Joe DuBois to hear how RMU got started, and what a ski subscription program looks like. Check out the piece to hear how the program came about, and how you can get on a fresh pair of sticks next season. —ML

Introducing, the Seven 4 Society.

Tell us a bit about yourself—how did you, and how did RMU get its start in the ski industry? 

Sounds good to us.

RMU started in a garage in 2008, by pressing skis by hand in exchange for beer. It was a bunch of friends, skiing, designing, and refining Prototypes of skis until they had something they were proud of. People started buying the skis through word of mouth, and became really popular with the local backcountry skiers. We gained some notoriety, and by 2011 we had won several awards at ISPO for innovation. Things continued to grow, and today we manufacture skis and equipment in some of the best factories in the world.

The RMU SEVEN4 Society was born from a simple idea…that skiing is too [email protected]#$ing expensive.

You guys have a bar that sells skis, and now a subscription program—without telling us too much about the subscription program, can you explain what inspires you to do switch things up? It’s certainly a breath of fresh air, but what’s the reason behind it all?

Amen to that.

The mountain communities that make RMU so strong, keep us inspired and we want that community to grow…so we wanted to make it easier to get involved. We‘re passionate about skiing, mountain biking, and mountain culture, but understand the barriers of entry can be pretty steep to some folks. Everyone should be able to go skiing…its really fun.

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O.K., now it’s time. Tell us about the new SEVEN4 Society, how it came to be, and what it means to you.

Go on..

The RMU SEVEN4 Society was born from a simple idea…that skiing is too [email protected]#$ing expensive. It lowers the barrier of entry and helps strengthen our community. We are seeing a decline in skiers worldwide, and as gear and lift tickets get more expensive, access to our sport is becoming more difficult for the average person. RMU is working to change this…Thus the SEVEN4 Society was born.

The press release mentions that the program offers year-round adventure solutions—can you tell me what exactly that means?

Count us in.

The RMU SEVEN4 Society has a lot of great perks in addition to new skis each season. Discounts at our retail locations in Blackcomb Whistler, and Breckenridge Colorado, as well as lodging discounts with LOGE. We will be offering exclusive first access to new products and any new skis to all members as well as options for R and D feedback.

Seriously, where do we sign up?

Thanks for chatting, Joe! Seems like an awesome program—we’re in.

To learn more and sign up yourself, visit the Rocky Mountain Underground website. —ML