SAXX: Activewear for Day and Night

The Sleepwalker Long Sleeve from SAXX is a hybrid. It is activewear for night or day. For the guy who wants to sleep standing up. Yes, it’s that comfortable. Sleepwalker is uber-soft, made of premium Modal fabric (derived from tree pulp). You’ll want to wear it all night and all day.

SAXX reviewed by Mountain Life
Photo: SAXX

Designed for Comfort

What makes this shirt so comfortable? For starters, the Flat Out Seams. Counter to conventional methods, SAXX reverses the stitching, placing the flatter, softer side against the body (a.k.a. an itch-free experience). And also the relaxed fit, close to the body without being tight. And the Sleepwalker is tagless for extra comfort.

Running Shorts Redesigned

Then when it’s time to hit the trail or the track, try the Kinetic Train shorts. With a semi-compression fit and drawstring for adjustments, these odor-resistant run shorts feature a stretch micromesh Kinetic liner and the BallPark Pouch. And Three-D Fit – and Flat Out Seams. This is activewear perfection.


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SAXX reviewed by Mountain Life
Photo: SAXX

The SAXX Story: Activewear to Challenge Discomfort

The SAXX story started 14 years ago in Vancouver, when their founder asked: Why can’t men’s underwear be better? After spending hours on a fishing trip in a clammy ocean suit, he wondered if there was a way to fend off the uncomfortable effects of chafing and friction. The answer was SAXX. Simply put, this is underwear designed differently. Their technologies move with you and deliver comfort every step of the way. Their underwear is activewear.

Thanks in large part to the patented BallPark Pouch – their defining piece of internal tech – men now know that underwear isn’t just an afterthought. It’s the foundation of a comfortable and distraction-free day.

SAXX’s mission is to support guys in challenging everyday discomfort. Every product they make is designed to help men feel comfortable, supported and secure, so that they can get out there and get on to their own “something great” — whatever that may be.

SAXX partners with Conservation Alliance and Plastic Bank, among other charities. 

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