Hopeful or Hoax? The Coalatree “Self-Healing” Jacket

words :: Ben Osborne.

Here’s one we haven’t seen yet—a self-fixing jacket. That’s right, when the Coalatree Whistler Windbreaker gets a tear, it actually heals itself.

Using HiloTech Self-Healing Material, you can repair the jacket on the fly by applying friction and heat produced by rubbing your fingers over the material to repair small punctures in seconds. Seriously—take a look at the video, it’s pretty amazing.

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By utilizing specially woven nylon yarns that are constructed of microscopic fibres, the grid-like weave reinforces the materials and prevents the fabric from ripping or tearing. Those same nylon yarns that grip together also allow the fabric to adhere itself back together, time and time again.

While tears this size aren’t typically of utmost importance, the ability to easily fix rips could certainly increase the longevity of the jacket. The jacket also has a DWR coating and packs into itself, making it a great jacket for hiking, mountain biking, or any activity where you’re looking to go lightweight. If you’re interested in giving the jacket a try, head over to their Kickstarter page to pre-order. —ML