Mountain Life Announces Coast Mountains Summer 2020, Beer Collaboration with Backcountry Brewing

WE’RE BACK! Introducing the Summer 2020 edition of Mountain Life Coast Mountains, and with it, we’re moving into a new realm of sensory ascendance in the form of a limited edition beer collaboration with our friends at Backcountry Brewing.

Earn your hops. Photo: Dave Hamilton

We’ve been delivering feasts for your eyes and hearts for over seventeen years, and now we’ve got a beer to pair it with. Take a seat and let the words and photos of our amazing contributors mix with some delicious hops, and we promise you’re in for a good time.

“This year has been a wild ride and we wanted to do something as cool as possible to get people stoked on getting out, camping and enjoying life in the mountains this summer.”

Why now? The idea was spawned from within when our Publisher Jon Burak saw a similar collaboration.

“When I saw how incredible our close friend Chili Thom’s art on Backcountry’s ‘Suck it Cancer’ label, it really got the wheels turning in my head.”, recalls Burak. “I’d seen the Backcountry Arc’teryx collab and how well it worked so I thought we could try something too.”

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When he went to Backcountry with the idea, it was a no-brainer. “We have a similar vibe [with Mountain Life] and we have so many bikers in our brewery”, said Reeder, head of marketing at Backcountry Brewing.  “We wanted to do something cool to commemorate the spirit of the biking scene and life in the mountains. The idea of getting out and riding hard and earning your beer.”

Mountain Life Coast Mountains publisher Jon Burak and the fruits of his labour. Photo: Ben Reeder

The Mountain Life Session Pale Ale is the perfect beer to kick off the summer, and the label features the cover of our latest edition of Mountain Life Coast Mountains with artwork done by local artist Stu MacKay-Smith.

In the magazine, we’ve featured the road-tripping adventures of Ollie Jones and Hailey Elise, an epic ride from mountain bike icon Margus Riga, one of our best photo galleries yet, and much, much more.

We couldn’t be more excited to collaborate with one of our favourite breweries in the Sea to Sky to produce a beer that is sure to fly off the shelves, just like our award-winning publications. Find the beer at your local watering hole in the coming weeks, and keep an eye out for our magazine hitting the shelves in early July. And just like that, Summer has officially begun. —ML

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