Help Monarch Butterflies with tentree

Every fall, Monarch butterflies travel across the North American continent over 4800 kilometres to spend winter in forests of central Mexico. This migration is one of the wonders of the natural world. (Scientists are still studying how exactly the butterflies find their way to Mexico; it may be a combination of directional aids including the earth’s magnetism and the position of the sun.)


Monarch Butterfly Fall Migration Patterns. Base map source: USGS National Atlas/via


Unfortunately, illegal logging is threatening the high-altitude pine and oyamel fir forests—the monarchs’ ideal microclimate. Due to habitat loss, more than half the butterflies don’t survive through winter.

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You can help. Your purchase of items in tentree’s limited edition Monarch Collection will exclusively plant trees in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. The Monarch graphic includes the planting site’s coordinates (19º 31′ 26.7996″ N and 100º 12′ 17.19″ W) to directly connect you to your impact.


tentree’s Men’s Mexico Monarch Hoodie. Photo: tentree


Photo: tentree


Your purchase will directly support tentree’s Mexico planting projects and partners Monarch Butterfly Foundation and UNAM (National Autonomous University of Mexico) to save and protect the at-risk Monarchs.


The Women’s Mexico Monarch Hoodie. Photo: tentree


Every time you buy any tentree piece, they plant trees. You can even register the tree code on the item you bought and track your impact. The only question is: Why can’t more companies do this?


A Monarch in Ontario, before the big trip. Photo: James Wheeler via Unsplash