The Little Fish that Drives an Ecosystem is Being Fished to Death

You might not be familiar with herring—it’s not a particularly sought after delicacy, nor an exciting fish to catch. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t an integral part of the ecosystem. In the Pacific Northwest, it plays an integral role helping to aid the survival of keystone species such as orca and salmon.

“We are operating at the edge of sustainability”

After years of rehabilitation, the waters of the Salish Sea, the richest spawning ground for Pacific herring between California and Alaska, is now back under threat after the Department of Fisheries re-opened the fishery with a catch rate that many have deemed unsustainable. Our friends over at ecologyst and Pacific Wild teamed up to make a short documentary about what’s going on, and how you can help fight for the ‘The Silver in the Sea’. —ML

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