Mustang Survival Shifts Production to Make Gear for Frontline Healthcare Workers

If you’ve spent a good chunk of time on the water, you’re likely well acquainted with Canadian brand Mustang Survival. Best known for its game-changing gear for those days when keeping dry is more important than ever, the brand out of Burnaby, British Columbia is shifting gears. While their focus typically lies on the coastline and beyond, with the current global crisis they’ve turned their attention and expertise to those who need it most: frontline healthcare workers.

The Factory in Burnaby, British Columbia. Photo :: Courtesy of Mustang Survival

On April 1, the Mustang Survival factory in Burnaby, BC began to produce level 3 certified isolation gowns to bring healthcare workers a new level of safety as they help to battle the COVID-19 Pandemic from the frontlines.

“With an increased demand for PPE, there was a need to get ahead of the problem and look to local sources to solve it “, says Mark Anderson, Chair of the BC Apparel & Gear Association and Director of Engineering at Burnaby-based Mustang Survival.

The first 500 pieces of PPE are in production as we speak—and there’s more on the way. Photo :: Courtesy of Mustang Survival

The initiative, in cooperation with the BC Apparel and Gear Association, is filled with team members from Mustang Survival, as well as other prominent members in the fashion and textile industry who are banding together to do the right thing.

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On their site, you’ll find all the steps to follow if you intend to produce some of the gear needed for workers to help fight the pandemic. If you’re not in the business of making PPE (personal protective equipment), that’s fine too—give the page a share on your social networks to spread the good word.

To learn more about the initiative, head over to the BC Apparel and Gear Associations website. —ML