Gallery: Whistler’s First Heli Skiing Operation

This was too good of a piece of history not to post—our friends over at the Whistler Museum recently posted a blog on the origins of heli-skiing in Whistler, and the photos are fascinating. Undeveloped ski runs, classic backcountry runs, and more—see if you can spot out some of the familiar runs or backcountry zones and enjoy a walk down history —ML 

Some things have changed, but powder was still powder back in the day.
Wedge was still a behemoth, even back in the day.
Why not? Locals heli-trip to Mt Weart in 1973.
Skiing out to Green Lake during a deep year.
Recognize this run? Blackcomb Glacier pow day in 1973.
Things haven’t changed too much—cheering on your buddies is still highly recommended.
What do you think, did he land it?
The Coast Mountains in all their glory
Pillow skiing, a bit tougher back in the day before the modern powder ski
The drop-off hasn’t changed much, as you can see.
Vancouver in 1969.
The Garibaldi Massif.

Looking up at tracks on Rainbow Mountain
An old clearcut site on Rainbow Mountain.
Things look a bit different these days when you get dropped off deep in the Coast Mountains—for one, it might be nice to have some avalanche safety gear.
An often skiied backcountry zone, circa 1970. Decker Lake, looking at Wedge in the spring.
Recognize this backcountry classic?



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