Cody Townsend Notches 25th Descent of ‘The Fifty’ Project

While it might seem like a reason to celebrate reaching the figurative halfway point, Townsend would likely argue differently. With goliaths such as University Peak, Mount Robson, and more still on the list, Townsend is far from halfway done his project to tackle 50 iconic ski descents.

The objective. Photo :: Bjarne Salen

But nonetheless, by climbing and skiing McGown Peak in Idaho, Townsend has now tackled 25 of the 50 classic descents outlined in the book “The 50 Classic Ski Descents of North America.”

In the latest episode, Cody gives us a comprehensive rundown of the planning that goes into everything from choosing when to ski which lines to when he eats throughout the day (hint: always have a snack before you drop into your line.)

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Check out the latest episode and if you’re bored, be sure the dive back into the archives for some more awesome videos the ‘The Fifty’ series. —ML