Pitch 6 Eye Send Belay Glasses

Once you try a pair of Eye Send belay glasses you will never go back. Pitch 6 recently released the first-ever fully adjustable belay glasses on the market and nailed it on all angles (pun intended). They are as stylish as belay glasses can be (cool colour and design), and comfortable with lightweight polycarbonate frame and grippy rubber inserts where they rest on your ears.

But what sets these belay glasses apart from the rest is the fully adjustable lenses, which eliminates neck strain and greatly improves field of vision while belaying. Standard belay glasses will only elevate your field of view by 60 degrees, but the Eye Send glasses take that field of view from 60 to 120 degrees. This allows you to adjust the lens angle of view to match the angle of the climb (slab, face, overhang) and the location of the climber on route.

The kit. Photo :: Courtesy of Pitch Six

This adjustability makes them the only belay glasses out there to allow the belayer to maintain a truly neutral neck position while belaying. The lens adjustment handle is located on the left side of the glasses which makes it easy to change the angle of view while belaying. There are 3 fields of view (over, through and under), not to mention great peripheral visibility as well. This is an important note for lighter belayers that get pulled upwards when catching a heavier climber, as this design allows for good visibility outside of the lenses. This will improve the belayers safety when catching a lead fall, as they can see hazards around them when being pulled upwards.

Goodbye neck strain! Photo :: Courtesy of Pitch Six

And just when you think they can’t get any better, they do. They come with a sleek and easy to open synthetic leather EVA hardshell case, with a carabiner that conveniently clips to your harness. Inside this case they include a microfiber cleaning cloth and a field repair kit. There is also a neck strap that is easy to get on and off while wearing a helmet, as it attaches in front of the ears.

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Even mother nature wins with your purchase, as Eye Send belay glasses are constructed out of 25% recycled materials and a tree is planted for every pair sold. Couldn’t find one thing to improve with these superior belay glasses. It seems like they thought of everything and more, even the price is right. Two thumbs up! —ML