Mount Bachelor Announces Free Groceries, Beer for Employees

If you are doubting that this is still some good in the world, look no further. In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, Mt Bachelor has been forced to shut down their lifts for the season, cutting short the season and laying off hundreds of employees.

The lifts won’t spin for the season, meaning hundreds of employees are out of a paycheck—but their employer hasn’t forgotten about them. Photo :: Courtesy of Mount Bachelor

Most employees of ski resorts don’t have huge savings accounts, so Bachelor is giving them a hand. On Thursday, March 19, the mountain has invited employees to their receiving warehouse to put to use the food that is leftover from the resort shutting down.

From Mt Bachelor with love.

Not only is the mountain saving plenty of food from being wasted after the shutdown, but they are also offering employees to bring their growlers to fill up with beer from the leftover kegs.

While the world is in turmoil, it is imperative that we look around, and help our neighbours—kudos to you, Mt Bachelor, for doing your part. —ML

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