Mountain Life Coast Mountains Presents ‘The Untamed Issue’

cover photo :: Andrew Bradley

There’s always been a draw to the wild—an inner yearning, however strong or faint, to swim near waterfalls, walk on beaches, stare at campfires, and climb up mountains just to see what’s there.

And it’s our job to capture that feeling by compiling the stories and photographs that tell the adventures and experiences of our wonderful community.

So, we give you The Untamed Issue, the latest edition of Mountain Life Coast Mountains. Get yourself a copy at one of the finer establishments in the Sea To Sky corridor, or order yourself a copy online.


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Seeding The Stoke


Photo ::  Isaac Ejopu

The inaugural Mountain Life Adventure Grant helps birth a mountain bike club in Uganda. Follow along as a team of Sea to Sky riders spread two-wheeled joy across the planet.


Sky Wagons & Midnight Sun


Photo :: Mason Mashon

Any adventure that involves Rory Bushfield and his beloved plane Seagull Feather is sure to be filled with a heavy dose of good times and at least a touch of living-on-the-edge vibrations. Mason Mashon reports on an especially wild one that had the duo setting their eyes on surf and snow in Alaska last spring.


Mountain Lifer: Gary McFarlane


Photo :: courtesy of Gary McFarlane

After 30+ years as a world traveller, entrepreneur, community builder, and soft-core nude photographer, Gary McFarlane is making the logical next step to…ninja warrior?


Plus: Big Decisions on Everest, BC’s Untamed Youth, The Compression of The Turn, and much more.