Bollé Northstar Goggles

words:: Ben Osborne // photos: Lay Lakerley/Bollé Eyewear.

Bollé is back with yet another top-of-the-line goggle, and this one looks like anything but a disappointment. The latest addition to the Ultimate Range has all the features that we’ve come to expect from Bollé, and more.

First up is the Phantom lens technology, delivering some of the best optics out there with high-performance photochromic technology and Low-Temperature Sensitivity technology. Combined, these two technologies offer exactly what Bollé promises—enhanced vision and ripping good times in the mountains, no matter what the conditions.

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Helmet goggle integration is key for a solid pair of goggles—Bollé has got you covered.

The Northstar differs from other goggles in the lineup with a minimalist and aggressive design, making it fit perfectly with a helmet, while still allowing for a wide range of vision that is crucial on the slopes.

Another piece of tech built into these goggles that makes a huge difference is the Bollé Equalizer protection, which prevents optical distortion. When you’re in the mountains, this is a key technology that not every eyewear brand builds into their goggles. As altitude increases, atmospheric pressure decreases, which can result in optical distortion—or in layman’s terms, you won’t see that small bump that can send you hurtling down a ski run unexpectedly.

Visual clarity is about safety, enjoyment and making life better in the mountains.

The way Bollé solves this problem? By placing a breathable insert between the inner and outer lenses, Equalizer technology actually regulates the atmosphere pressure, giving you optical vision no matter how high up you are. You might not notice it, but this is an absolutely key piece of technology to have in any goggle.

On top of Equalizer technology, Bollé packs plenty more into the Northstar goggles: a double lens, an embedded anti-fog and anti-scratch layer, industry-leading ventilation technologies, UV protection, and more. With plenty of features and a sleek, durable design, this is a goggle you can definitely count on, in any situation that arises. —ML