Behind the Photo: The Backyard

words & photography :: Brian Hockenstein

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the notion that you must venture hundreds of miles into the backcountry to find really wild places. This shot proves the opposite can be true. 

On this beautiful spring day in my hometown of Squamish, BC, professional uphill walker Justin Lamoureux led the charge into the mountains now accessible by the Sea To Sky Gondola. I joined Dave Henkel and Cam Unger for the trek.

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Untamed spaces draw untamed spirits, and those magical moments we are all chasing can materialize at any moment no matter how close or deep we venture into the Coast Mountains. 

As fun as it is to get way the f* off grid on some remote glacier in the middle of nowhere, don’t disregard those short strike missions, especially if you are on a tight timeline. We were out for six hours, nabbed some decent pow turns and got to dip into the magic of feeling small in a big, wild world. There’s a reason we brag about the beauty and wilderness of “our backyard.” Go get some! —ML