Arc’teryx Shows Up at… Paris Fashion Week?

Let’s be clear: we’re not fashion experts. And this is probably the last time we’ll be posting anything about Paris Fashion Week. But, when Paris Fashion Week even shows up in a newsfeed heavy with gear reviews and GoPro footage, we know it must be newsworthy.

Photo courtesy of High Snobiety

On Thursday night in Paris, Arc’teryx made it’s Paris Fashion Show debut, with world-beating models Gigi and Bella Hadid donning half-gown/half technical shells made by one of our personal favourite brands for getting high into the alpine.

Photo courtesy of High Snobiety

We’re not going to say much more as we can only make a blind guess as to what makes this ‘fashion’, so we’ll let you judge for yourself—maybe it will inspire your kit for next year, and who knows—maybe next year we’ll see some more Gore-Tex crop tops on top of gowns. If we’re lucky. —ML


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