One Jacket to Rule them All: Arc’teryx Sabre AR

When it’s wet in the Northwest, the right gear is essential to keep a smile on your face.

words :: Ben Osborne // photos :: Mirae Campbell.

Fact: Arc’teryx makes well-designed gear. This has been their brand’s calling since the beginning. The best looking gear? In the past, not everyone would agree, but it seems that times-are-a-changing with their new addition to the jacket lineup, the Sabre AR.

A slightly baggier shell, the flannel-lined jacket is the perfect piece for the rider who frequents both the resort and the backcountry; it looks good, and it has all the functionality and tech that Arc’teryx frequently packs into their pieces.

Heavy enough to keep you warm through some serious precip, but breathable enough to keep you cool on the hike into the slackcountry.

My personal favourite? The dual chest pockets. For someone who carries lots of snacks on them (whether on resort or in the backcountry), these pockets are perfect for that purpose, and they integrate well into the design with the low profile zippers. They also serve as a great backcountry armrest by sliding both hands into the pockets. Added bonus? They are so deep that sometimes you lose a treat, giving you an added surprise on your next trip. I chose the black and gold colour scheme, which perfectly fits my style—subtle yet intriguing.

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The Sabre AR also has a powder skirt (which some Arc’teryx jackets are missing as they’re designed for mountaineering), a gusseted hood, and all the engineering Arc’teryx jackets typically have for movement in the elbows, shoulders, and so on.

 Who’s it for?

When Arc’teryx designs something, they do it with a purpose—and this one is targeted for the skier/rider who wants one jacket, but spends their time in the backcountry as well as on the resort. Add one additional layer and it is plenty warm for the resort, and breathable enough for hiking. Living in the Northwest, it even serves as a great Fall/Spring rainjacket if you’re in a pinch. We would highly recommend the Sabre AR—another spot-on piece in their extensive lineup.

The first day of the banked was a certain kind of wet that only Baker can deliver—but the Sabre held up.

I got to test the jacket on an especially wet and deep day at Mount Baker while racing in the Legendary Banked Slalom, and it performed exceptionally well keeping me dry and looking good on the course all day. If you like the do-it-all and need a jacket that will last a long time, this is the one for you. —ML