The Essential Multitool: Leatherman FREE K2

Lightweight and portable, Leatherman’s new FREE K2 packs eight essential, everyday tools into a sleek, folding pocket knife. With a 3.3 inch blade and seven additional tools, including a pry tool and Phillips screwdriver, the K2 is multipurpose redefined.

Each implement is housed on the outside of an ergonomically refined aluminum body for easy, one-handed access, so you’re never left fumbling in a pinch. Made in Portland, Oregon and covered by Leatherman’s famed 25-year warranty.

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The Leatherman FREE K Series is a new collection designed for the folding knife user who wants multipurpose functionality. The primary implement in this collection is a 3.35-inch, high-quality 420 steel blade ready for just about everything. The K series features epic haptics, distinct click to provide auditory confirmation that the tool is open and ready for use, and proprietary magnetic closures with premium aluminum handle. “We want to create a knife architecture that we would be able to create many different variations with,” said Adam Lazenby, design engineer at Leatherman. “It is easy to build one knife and offer different colors and blade types. We wanted the freedom to create very different things, and that is challenging. If you appreciate a multi-tool but don’t need the pliers, this is all the tool you need.”

FREE K2 tools:
-420HC Knife
-Pry Tool
-Package Opener
-Bottle Opener
-Phillips Screwdriver
-Medium Screwdriver
-Extra-small Screwdriver.

The Fascinating Story Behind the World’s Most Popular Multi-Tool