New Photo Challenge ‘Uprising’ Announces Teams

There’s a new photo competition coming to Whistler, BC—and its got a bit of a twist. After a long run of success for the always popular Deep Winter, the organizers decided it was time to take a breather. Lucky for us, Origin Outside stepped up to the plate with a new format and event taking place Saturday, February 22nd.

Pairing a professional photographer with an upcoming talent, the event features plenty of faces you’ll be familiar with —and more than a few you should begin to acquaint yourself with. See below for the full list of teams and more from Origin Outside.


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From Origin:

Event Description

Doors Open: 7pm, Show Starts: 8pm

Come celebrate Whistler’s mountain culture with a slideshow showcase from five of skiing and snowboarding’s most celebrated photographers and athletes and their teams of up-and-comers.

Uprising is a new event in Whistler’s cultural calendar, filling the void left by Deep Winter’s hiatus. The event brings an exciting new format to a legendary photography competition. Teams of pros and proteges will work alongside each other to capture the moments of mountain life that inspire us and present them in a slideshow for your viewing pleasure.

Come join a buzzing audience of 1100 skiers, snowboarders and photographers, and celebrate this town’s amazing talent at Whistler’s Fairmont Chateau. Attendees will also be part of the event, by choosing who takes home our Best in Show People’s Choice Award. Get your tickets today and join the Uprising.

With your purchase, you’ll also be supporting Protect Our Winters Canada (POW Canada), the beneficiary of this event. Learn more about the incredible work that they’re doing, here:

Uprising is presented by local creative agency Origin, Fairmont Chateau Whistler and Tourism Whistler. Event sponsors will be announced shortly. Find out more at