Bolle Phantom Tech is Changing the Game

It’s not often that a game-changing technology in lens optics comes out, but when it does, it is certainly important to us. With the release of Phantom, Bolle’s newest lens technology, the game has officially been changed for both summer and winter—and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

So, what exactly is Phantom? Phantom combines four advanced technologies that are game-changers when you’re on snow or on the trails. Using a molecular photochromic filter, the lenses adapt to any condition—and it really works. Often times in cold temperatures this technology can fail, but Bolle has a plan for that. They’ve installed a low-temperature sensitivity technology to ensure high photochromic performance—a key piece of technology to create highly functioning snow goggles.


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See the world through Phantom. Photo: Courtesy of Bolle

With photochromic performance, what you get is good visibility in all light conditions. But the question is, how quickly do the lenses adapt? With Phantom technology, the lens tint can change from the lowest light conditions to conditions with the most light in less than 30 seconds—an industry-leading figure, and a critical piece of performance in your eyewear. What that means is when you go from shredding the high alpine to diving between the trees and the light rapidly changes, you won’t be left blinded while you waiting for the lens tint to adjust.

Game-changing technology in conditions of utmost importance. Photo: Courtesy of Bolle.

What does it all mean? Well if you’ve ever had trouble with swapping out lenses, goggles fogging, or just not looking good on the mountain—look no further. Bolle’s Phantom Technology is truly a game changer, and one we could highly recommend. Head over to their site to learn more and get yourself a pair.—ML