Bolle Nevada

I’ve always wanted to try a pair of Bolle goggles, and this was the perfect opportunity. I was told these lenses were specifically for bright days, but I just tested them in any conditions I could find. Let me put this piece of gear through the ringer, and you can decide for yourself if they’re worth purchasing.

Blower Deep snow? Check (No fog, clear vision)

Bright sunny days? Check (No fog, Perfect light through the lens)

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Whiteout conditions? Check (No fog, and I could see the outlines of snow!)

There isn’t anything these goggles can’t hold up to. I was most surprised when I wore these all day, through sweat, snow, and moisture, and even put them on my hat, and I still couldn’t get them to fog up. This is because of the Double Lens thermal barrier, as well as an Anti-Fog Treatment that Bolle applies. Bolle guarantees no fogging on your eyewear under any circumstances. I must admit, I did not think this was possible. Under the conditions I took these goggles out in, I can approve of their promise, and I’m very impressed. 

I was wearing a more expensive pair of goggles that came from another brand, and I had to switch lenses 3 times, and the fog still wouldn’t go away. But, you put on these Bolle Nevada goggles with their Phantom Technology, and your life will be changed. This is an honest review of a product that I can guarantee is worth the investment. Not only will these goggles leave you stoked, but your eyes will also be protected from the elements. —ML

Head over to the Bolle site to get your own pair.