A Mountain in Michigan Just Sold Out of Season Passes

Yep you heard that right. Mount Bohemia, a Michigan resort located on Michigans’ Upper Peninsula and renowned for its lake effect snow, has stopped selling season passes. Why, you might ask?


While the mountain gets plenty of snow (272 inches or just over 22 feet on an average year), its vertical and acreage act as a limit on the number of guests—which apparently has been reached as the legend grows about the mountains unique vibe and precipitous amounts of snow. So, if you’re looking for a season pass to Mount Bohemia, you are out of luck—but if you’re in the area, we would highly recommend a visit, as it seems more than worthwhile.


Impressed yet? Well, there’s more.  They’ve even got cat skiing. That’s right—on the backside of the mountain, the resort operates cat skiing off of one of the two peaks, Haiti Peak. This place might just be worth us shutting down our computers and hopping on a flight, so we decided to check—what’s the easiest way to get to Mount Bohemia?

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The closest major city to fly into is Minneapolis, and from there it is a 6-hour drive. Make sure you book lodging in advance, as there are limited accommodations at the resort.  Now, go get your ticket and slide snow somewhere new—it’ll be more than worth your time. — ML