Best of 2019 Imagery

words:: Todd Lawson  cover photo:: Scott Serfas

Photography still remains the number one form of inspiration amongst our audience, and here in Canada we’re lucky to have a roster of more than 300 talented photographers who submit images for consideration into the pages of all our publications. Selecting what images we publish, and those that get left on the cutting room floor, is both a difficult and rewarding process. Thousands of images grace our eyeballs every year, and we are continually blown away by the quality of imagery that ends up in our pages. As you’ll see in the images below, outdoor photography is thriving, big time.

To us, it’s the moment that matters. We seek to publish photos that bring our readers closer together and inspire and motivate them to go out and make incredible photographs for themselves. 2019 was a huge year in the outdoor world, and we’re proud of all our photographers for what they bring to the table. Keep the bangers coming! —ML

Annie Boulanger, Bella Coola, BC. Photo Jussi Grznar
Chelsea Marcantonio, Coast Mountains, BC. Photo Alan Poeman
Chris Rasman, Whistler Backcountry. Photo Ben Girardi
Dave Henkel, Squamish, BC. Photo Cam Unger
Dave Treadway, Pemberton Backcountry. Photo Blake Jorgensen.
David Carrier Porcheron, Whistler Backcountry, BC. Photo Ben Girardi
Jeff Riche, Mount Baker Backcountry. Photo Jason Hummel.
John Holman, BC Interior. Photo Geoff Holman
Pete Devries, Vancouver Island. Photo Marcus Paladino.
Wedge Mountain, Whistler, BC. Photo Yoann Barelli.
Curtis Eichenberger and Josh Madryga paddling out on the last surf day of the winter, Ontario. Photo Colin Field.
Photo Kyle Wicks
Man bursts through powder snow
Skip Taylor, Mid 80s. Photo Paul Morrison
Austin Ross on Blackcomb Mountain. Photo Eric Berger
Man jumps off a cliff and grabs his board.
Martin Gallant, fully tweaked for 27 years. Photo Chris Bowers
Man grabs his board in the air.
Martin Gallant, March 1992. Photo Eric Berger
Pow is timeless. Mason Mashon, January 2019. Photo Riley Leboe
Morning on the Georgian Bay shoreline of the Bruce Peninsula. Photo Geoff Coombs.
Northwinds Beach, Craigleith, ON. Photo Nolan Dubeau.
Ryan Chanon, Red Line Fever (5.10d), Mount Nemo, Ontario. Photo Will Tam.
Southhampton Pier. Photo Sylvain Champagne.
The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park. Photo Alan Poelman.
Alex Girard, Stawamus Chief. Photo Chris Christie.
Arlo (front) and Jeff Norman. Squamish. Photo Chris Christie
David Smart & Kevin Trotter. Squamish River tributary. Photo Chris Christie
Photo John Entwistle
Nate Lacoste Photo: Scott Serfas
Remy Metailler, Pemberton, BC. Photo Yoann Barelli.
Tom Wright, Squamish, BC. Photo:Ben Haggar
Killarney lake morning. Photo Scott Parent
Photo Ajija Bos
Photo Ajija Bos
What SUP, sunset? Photo Richard Roth
Photo Kyle Wicks
Photo Kyle Wicks
Photo Kyle Wicks
Leo Harris, Blue Mountain. Photo Glen Harris.
Scenic caves. Photo Brian Hunt.


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