The Zeus Portable Battery: Charging Adventure

The Zeus is a rugged flashlight and dual USB Charger with enough juice to jumpstart even the largest trucks on the road dozens of times. This portable battery system can recharge your iPhone Plus from 0 to 100% up to 10 times. And it can provide light for days on end.


Zeus portable battery reviewed by Mountain Life Media
Photo: Uncharted Supply Co.


For the times when there’s nobody at the other end of the jumper cables, the Zeus will get you back on the road and back on schedule.

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With 20,000 mAh, the Zeus can also fully recharge your power tools, and revive your dead devices if no power supply is near. Charge the Zeus at home or on the road, and feel safe knowing you have a backup light source during any emergency situation.



Zeus Portable Battery Highlights

With the Zeus, you can have power on demand without having to carry along cumbersome jumper cables. Instead of unruly 12 ft. cords, this portable battery jump starter is so compact and lightweight that you can conveniently stash it in your dashboard.

Don’t let the small size fool you, though; the Zeus is so strong that it can jump up to an 8.0 liter diesel truck. Using high-level voltage multiplier technology, the four battery cells inside your portable jump starter power at the same time in order to turn over really big engines.

This heavy duty power bank is dynamic. Use the portable jump starter on your car battery, or take advantage of the two USB ports to charge your phone or tablet during remote camping trips. Need juice for your power tools or air compressor? The Zeus cigarette power adapter has you covered alongside the portable USB charger.

Whether you’re out of battery on the side of the road or off the grid in the backcountry, safety is always paramount. The Zeus portable jump starter includes a flashlight that can provide multiple days’ worth of light in three different modes, ensuring you can see and be seen when visibility matters most.

Once the job is done, conveniently store the Zeus and have it on-hand during an emergency situation.