Ten Reasons Why Your Shot Won’t Make a Ski Movie

Last week, Mark Abma posted  ten reasons a shot “doesn’t make a ski movie”—they go like this:

1. Not Gnarly enough. As Hoji once said, “if you’re not scared it won’t make the movie.”
2. Not big enough. I could’ve sworn that jump or cliff I hit was big until I watched the shot and see that my mom would’ve hit the same feature.
3. Not deep enough. You gotta get submersed and do some goggle wiping to get a legit pow shot.
4. Not steep enough. If I fell, would I tomahawk?
5. Not creative enough. I didn’t butter when I could’ve buttered.
6. Not sunny enough. Can you see a shadow? If you’re above treeline and you can’t see your shadow, the shot will look like shit.
7. Missed the grab. I thought about grabbing but couldn’t gain my composure.
8. Didn’t spin or flip enough. 360’s are still rad, right?
9. Not a big enough crash. Yeah it hurt, but did it look like it hurt? If not, it probably won’t make the cut.
10. I turned too much. Every turn is a sign of fear.

An amazing and likely very accurate analysis from a ski movie veteran who has seen it all—but it makes you wonder, what do those “non-make” shots look like? Well now, we know—they look pretty damn impressive and better than anything most people will ever dream of skiing. —ML

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