Salomon to Recycle Shoes into Ski Boots

Salomon recently announced a legitimately revolutionary new concept in footwear. Namely, a concept shoe that can be fully recycled and reused in the production of a ski boot shell.

This innovative solution to the problem of material waste expands the lifecycle of materials used in footwear production and coincides with the launch of Salomon’s new Play Minded Program, a company-wide sustainability initiative to address its immediate and long-term commitment to the environment.


Salomon running shoe reviewed by Mountain Life Media
The concept: running shoe becomes alpine boot shell. Photo: Salomon


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Through the Play Minded Program, Salomon will reduce its environmental impact by setting production and materials goals. These goals include reducing carbon emissions by 30%, removing PFCs across all equipment categories and applying circular economy practices to all new product designs. The program focuses on four key areas:

  1. Protecting the areas in which we all recreate
  2. Educating the greater outdoor community on sustainable practices
  3. Producing more sustainable products
  4. Caring for and investing in the employees developing Salomon products.


The 100% recyclable TPU concept shoe. Photo: Salomon


As part of the program, Salomon’s product team at the Annecy Design Center in the French Alps has spent the past 18 months developing a fully recyclable and high-performing shoe made completely of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) that, at the end of the shoe’s life, can be ground down and utilized in the construction of a boot shell.

This concept allows Salomon to extend the life cycle of the materials by more than double, and the brand’s footwear team is working to implement elements of this concept in running footwear for 2021.

Learn more about Salomon’s Play Minded Program here.