Jake Burton’s Cancer Has Returned

feature photo courtesy of Burton Snowboards

We are sad to report that CEO and founder of Burton Snowboards, Jake Burton, has been diagnosed with testicular cancer once again, remnants of the cancer that he overcame back in 2011. Burton positivity and drive to succeed are surely on his side, and we wish him the best in his fight—we’re all here with you, Jake. Check out the full post below for words from the man himself. —ML


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Join us in sending positivity and healing thoughts to our founder @jakeburton77, who’s currently fighting cancer for the second time. As he works to get healthy, we’re proud to keep following his lead by working hard and playing hard in the mountains. Here’s the news from Jake himself, in an email he sent out to employees: “The odds are in my favor, but it is going to be a struggle for sure. As much as I dread what is facing me, it’s easier to deal with when you know that you have a family that will carry on. I feel the same way about my company, my friends and our sport. I will be back, but regardless, everything is in good hands which is an amazing feeling when entering this zone of uncertainty.” . You've got this, Jake.

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