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“We don’t need science to quantify the positive impacts that time spent in the elements yields—we are all better (if not the best) versions of ourselves after a few morning laps on the resort or a sunset paddle in the ocean. When we are kinder on the inside, our actions on the outside follow suit.” — Editor, Taylor Godber


What’s In The Book


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Fatherhood In The Mountains

The cost of playing in the mountains can be the ultimate price, but when there is family involved, the stakes are even higher. Dave MacKinnon goes deep with the Pemberton’s crew of dad’s who push it in the mountains but rise to the occasion of taking care of their family when it matters most.


When A Few Left Turns Lead To A Right

Veteran coldwater surfer Josh Mulcoy has spent the past three decades chasing an elusive lefthander on the coast of Alaska. On a recent trip back to the Last Frontier, an unfortunate turn of events left him to his most surprising discover yet. Follow along on a journey not for the faint of heart through the unique wild of southeast Alaska.

Lake Of Bones

Cold stoke and mysterious skeletons on a  high-altitude bike pilgrimage in India. With the unmatched photography of Bruno Long and riding of K.C. Deane, Geoff Gulevich, this tale takes us from the streets of New Delhi to Northern India, following the path of past adventurers and finding plenty of adventure along the way.


Conscious Explorations at the Top of the World

Partnering with Tahoe-based Ice Axe Expeditions, Erin Hogue heads to the fjords of Svalbard for purposeful adventure—boarding, but with the environment in mind. Take a deep dive into the world of carbon-offset adventures, and get inspired to travel with the environment in mind.



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