Trail-Ready Mini-Kitchen: MSR PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit

MSR’s PocketRocket stoves have been favorites among backpackers for more than a decade. We’ve always found these ultralight and compact stoves reliable and easy to use—a solid choice for elite adventurers and first-timers alike.

The original PocketRocket model quickly became MSR’s bestselling stove. Refining it further, MSR launched the PocketRocket 2—an even smaller and lighter high-performance stove that keeps travelers cooking fast and moving fast in the backcountry.

MSR PocketRocket stove reviewed by Mountain LIfe Media
Photo: MSR

Now MSR’s PocketRocket Deluxe Stove Kit (above) takes ultralight adventures up a notch with primo features that enhance your cooking experience on the trail. This is a mini-kitchen ready to thrive in the most rugged environments. Sized for two but light enough for one, the kit comes equipped with MSR’s pressure-regulated, crazy-fast-boiling PocketRocket Deluxe stove that nests in the kit’s ultra-compact Trail Mini Duo Cook Set. Backpackers and bikepackers alike will appreciate the stove’s push-start ignition, consistently fast boil times (even when fuel and temperatures are low), and broad burner for more versatile cooking and simmering. The 1.2 L pot is the ideal capacity for boiling water for two pouch meals or cups of coffee, while the included bowl adds a second eating/drinking vessel for sharing with a trail partner.


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Comparing 3 MSR stove offerings. Photo: MSR



    • Compact Design: Trail Mini™ Duo Cook Set efficiently nests the PocketRocket® Deluxe Stove, pot lifter & optional 4- or 8-oz MSR fuel canister inside pot; bowl nests outside.
    • Lightweight: Whole stove kit weighs just 371 g (13.1 oz), with capacity to serve two.
    • Fast-Boiling: Pressure-regulated stove boils 1 liter in 3:20 minutes; maintains fast boil times even in cold weather and with low fuel.
    • Integrated Piezo Igniter: Fast, reliable push-start ignition; spark igniter is protected inside broad burner for maximum durability.

Includes: PocketRocket® Deluxe stove (83 g /2.9 oz) with stuff sack; 1.2 L hard-anodized aluminum pot with insulated grip; Hot- and cold-safe 28 oz bowl;* Strainer lid;* Mini LiteLifter™ pot handle; Kit stuff sack; Room to nest a 4- or 8-oz MSR IsoPro™ fuel canister (sold separately).