The Man Behind Your Favourite Trail Map

Ever wonder who’s behind those perfectly detailed rows of pine trees you see on the ski resort map that guides you to your new favourite run? Us too. If you look in the bottom right-hand corner, you’ll see each map neatly signed “James Niehues”. For more than 30 years, Nieheus has been hand-drawing these maps, something he will proudly point out, and delivering the perfect mixture of coffee table art and serviceable map to help you find a new powder stash on your vacation to Whistler Blackcomb, or one of the hundreds of other resorts Niehues has worked with.

Now, all the maps are available in one book to enjoy away from the mountains, and maybe even help you plan out your next big ski trip. Check out this short video and go get yourself a copy. —ML

“I paint a hand-painted map. In today’s world, the computer has come along and many people have this mindset that the best map would be produced by a computer. I can get to the top of the mountain, I can look around, I can feel it—and that’s what’s important.”


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