The 7 Stages Of Blank is a Ski Movie for the People

Every skier knows it—the feeling of anticipation. That’s just the first step. Stan Rey, Alexi Godbout, and the Blank crew know that feeling all too well—and all the emotions that come after. And now, their newest flick, the 7 Stages Of Blank, reocunting all of those emotions we feel throughout the ski season— is live and ready to be viewed—all for the price of free .99. In a world where traditional ski movies have taken a back seat to short, webisode type content, Salomon and Blank have put together what the kids these days are calling a “banger”. Check it out and prepare to be distracted from your daily tasks.—ML

“Sure you’ve been subscribing to this insanity all your lives. But I’ve given that some thought. I’ve designed a model to postulate your emotional stages during a ski season.”


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