Five Flicks We Can’t Wait to See at She Summits

Our favourite film festival is just around the corner, and we couldn’t be more excited. She Summits, an annual festival paying homage to women in the outdoor space, is set to take place in North Vancouver on October 17-29. With an amazing lineup of speakers, films, and workshops, this year is sure to be one of the best yet. Here’s five flicks you won’t want to miss.—ML


Sacred Strides

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Bear Ears National Monument has been at the center of the environmental conversation for some time now, with the magical landmark in southwestern Utah in danger of being changed forever. While it is important to many groups of people, the Native Americans have a unique connection to the land. Sacred Strides visits those who have an innate connection this special tract of land, and dives deep into this relationship.

Fight For the Areng Valley

In a remote valley in southwest Cambodia, the people of Areng Valley fight to protect their home from the looming construction of a hydroelectric dam.

Life Of Pie

Before Jen Zeuner and Anne Keller moved to the conservative hub of Fruita, Colorado, the town was nothing to write home about it. One pizza shop, some community love, and a few bike trails later, and the town has gone through a complete transformation. This short video is nothing short of inspiring (we’ve already had a sneak peak), and a muse see on the big screen.

Cracking Ice Ceilings

Some stories just jump off the page, and the story of the Cholita’s in the city of La Paz, Bolivia is one of those amazing stories. The story focuses on 11 women, traditionally known for their colourful attire and high-mountain cooking, who are looking to break down barriers. By stepping out of the kitchen and onto some of the highest peaks in the world, these women are breaking down barriers and overcoming sexism and discriminatory attitudes.

Elle Aime (She Likes)

When we see something from Darcy Hennessy Turrenne coming out, we get excited. And our favourite environmentalist/boarder Marie France-Roy? Now we’re really excited. A surrealist take on the world, the film follows Marie France-Roy on a pursuit for pure joy—and we couldn’t be more excited to catch this one.—ML