A Friendly Guide To Early Season Skiing

words & photos:: Dan Cudlip

Hello everyone, avid backcountry enthusiast Dan Cudlip here. A few years ago on one rainy fall afternoon, I put together a slideshow featuring some friendly reminders of things to consider when heading out for an early-season ski trip. It was a pretty popular idea and I am encouraged to repost it every year. I should point out that I am not a fully qualified guide, and this list is by no means exhaustive. I also I apologize if it comes across as patronizing, it’s not supposed to. All I hope is that it provides some interesting talking points and reminders for you and your friends, and maybe it will save someone a cold night in the backcountry! Stay safe out there, see you on the skin track! —ML


Know Your Skills

Don’t Forget Who You Are

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Mellow Is Good

Short Days Mean Early Starts

Think, Harder.

What’s Your Knowledge?

It’s A Long Season

Heavy Packs Are Your Friend

Gear Check

Go Find Some Snow!