Whistler’s Newest Backcountry Hut is Open for Business

words:: Ben Osborne photos:: Courtesy of Spearhead Huts 

After plenty of hard work planning, fundraising, and building over the last few years the Spearhead Hut’s project is up and running with the first of the huts completed and open for reservations.

The hut has 38 sleeping spaces, a wood stove, a kitchen area and a beautiful deck looking at the popular lines off of the iconic Mt. Fissile. The hut will work off of a reservation system at $45 per night, so get in while you can—as it is sure to be a huge attraction for both hardcore backcountry skiers and tourists looking to experience something away from the village.

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Sitting along the Spearhead Traverse, a popular route that runs from Whistler to Blackcomb, the hut will open up a litany of new objectives that will be far more pleasant with the opportunity to sleep in a warm hut rather than haul a tent deep into the backcountry. On top of that, the hut will also allow the opportunity for a wide range of backcountry enthusiasts to sleep in the mountains, something that everyone should have the chance to do once in their lifetime.

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Compared to many of the piecework backcountry huts you may have seen, the hut is built to last and endure the human traffic it is sure to see. If you’ve paid any attention to the Whistler backcountry ski scene, you’ll have an idea just how many people will be passing through. So if you want a spot, we’d recommend booking as soon as possible. Visit the site to reserve your space now, and don’t worry too much about conditions—the huts strategic placement offers a variety of different options for skiing and riding. If not, the porch is a great place to have a beer. —ML