The Search Engine that Plants Trees While you Search the Web

You’re halfway into that hilarious Youtube video that you wanted to show your friend and boom—an ad comes up. “Your video will resume after this ad”.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that ad was something more than a beer commercial, or a candy bar?  Thankfully, someone is putting all those impressions to use, and it almost seems too good to be true.

Ecosia, a free browser extension that can be added to your search engine, uses the profit off of ad revenue to plant trees. As we type this, they’ve already planted over 65 million in twenty different countries. Partnering with non-profits such as Tree Aid, Ecosia is planting in Ghana with a specific focus on restoring a river that is vital to supporting farming communities in the area. The river used to flow year round, but now runs dry part of the year leaving farmers without a key water source.

By planting trees, not only is Ecosia helping to restore the watershed but they are also helping the villages local economy enabling them to sell tree products at local markets. Dont believe them? They actually publish their financial reports and tree planting receipts, keeping them accountable for their actions. Check them out here.

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The world could certainly use more apps like Ecosia—go ahead and give it a try, and plant a few trees while you watch that insane segment from last years MSP movie.