The Real Strong One: Tilley’s Hemp Hat

Hemp (Cannabis sativa) has been prized and cultivated for its strong, durable fibre (and for its nutritious seeds) for thousands of years. Hemp is a natural material for Tilley, already well-known for their long-lasting, outperforming hats. One of their latest hemp creations, the medium-brim TH5 Hemp Hat, provides all the functionality and classic lines of a Tilley in a tough 100% hemp construction.


Photo courtesy Tilley.


Much like cotton, hemp fades in the sun, meaning the TH5 Hemp Hat will develop its own character over time and the adventures taken. And it may look and feel like linen, but Tilley’s hemp is tough as nails, and won’t let you down on trail after trail. We found the weave to be exceptionally breathable and very comfortable next to skin.

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Look forward to:

  • Maximum sun protection – fabric is certified UPF 50+, the highest given.
  • Lots of character – the fabric will fade and soften over time & sun exposure.
Photo courtesy Tilley.


Additional Features:

  • Guaranteed for life
  • Water-repellent finish keeps off the rain
  • Front & back wind cords system secures Hat in gusty conditions
  • Hydrofil® sweatband to wick moisture away
  • Keep valuables safe in the secret pocket
  • Buoyancy – stays afloat in water
  • Made in Canada.

Brim size: Front: 2 5/8″; Back: 2 3/4″; Sides: 2 1/8″
Weight: 5.3 oz / 150 g
Fabric: 100% hemp fabric

The TH5 Hemp Hat (pictured above) and TH9 Melanie Hemp Sun Hat are now available in olive green. Check out Tilley’s Clean Trail initiative (#CleanATrail) here

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