Investigations Finds Sea To Sky Gondola Cable Was Intentionally Cut

Just over a month ago we wrote about the collapse of the Sea to Sky Gondola. At the time, rumours were swirling as to who the culprit was. After a month there have still been no arrests to a stunt that cost over $1 million CAD in property damage and far more in loss of revenue, but Technical Safety BC has determined that the cable was in fact intentionally cut.

What we do know: on the evening of August 10, a group of one or more intentionally cut the cable, causing 20 of the 30 gondola cars to crash to the ground. Jeff Coleman, a spokesperson for Technical Safety BC confirmed this information after a lengthy investigation.

Sky Pilot Suspension Bridge. Photo courtesy

“What became very evident through our analysis was that the haul rope was failing while it was being cut, and as individual wires were cut, more and more energy was being released,” he says. “So this was quite a deliberate act.”

Beyond the physical damage, the act of vandal has left plenty of staff without employment, as the gondola is not set to reopen until Spring. The company has ordered a new haul rope (the cable that was cut), as well as 20 new cars, but those won’t arrive until late fall, at which point installation will begin.

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While the community has quickly responded by hosting a job fair for the disenfranchised employees, the question still remains: who would have the will, spite, and know-how to carry out an act like this. And why? The RCMP will continue their investigation, and we will be keeping you updated any relevant information.—ML